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Routes: HUE
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 26 USD/ PERSON
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Why does Anthony Bourdain - a famous chef of the world must exclaim that Hue beef noodle is the most delicious soup of global? And why do Vietnamese cuisine changed his life?

To know the answer for those questions, let’s experience the Hue street food tour with us in Cyclo.

Hue city is well-known not only for its monuments, Imperial city, Royal Tombs but also for its cuisine art. We start the Hue Food Tour by taking cyclo with others friends from your hotel to cross over the historical bridge Trang Tien . Then, continue getting cyclo along busy streets to explore the daily life and ride around the royal palace and take pictures at beautiful Hue sites and listen to their stories. With Hue Food Tour by Cyclo , you also have chance to visit the Ho Chi Minh memorial house at 112 Mai Thuc Loan St. , Hue city where Ho Chi Minh lived with his family from 1895 to 1901. And during the tour, we will stop at many famous street restaurants to enjoy a lot of Hue local foods, such as: Hue Pancake (banh khoai), Hue beef vermicelli soup (bun bo Hue), Filtered tapioca dumplings (banh bot loc), literally water fern cake (banh beo), steamed shrimp rice cake ( ban nam ) and Sticky rice dumplings on a fried dumpling (banh ram it).

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Điểm: 5/5 (Có 3 người bình chọn).


18h30:  Cyclo, tour guide pick you up you at hotels. We ride along Le Loi street and enjoy the peaceful life in Hue city. We will across the Training university - the oldest university in dreaming Hue, Truong Tien bridge - the most beautiful bridge. Cross the Phu Xuan bridge and go into the citadel and stop at Chi cakes restaurant.

Your journey with take you to local special cakes and noodle:

- Bloating fern tray – Banh Beo

- Steamed rice pancake with shrimp – Banh Nam

-  Tapioca starches with shrimp – Banh Loc

- Pancake – Banh Khoai

- Hue beef noodle – Bun Bo Hue

Then, the cyclo driver will take you go around Hue Citadel, enjoy Hue by night.

21h30: Ending tour, cyclo take you back to the hotel




_ Cyclo

_ Meal

_ Mineral water

_ Sightseeing in 2 spots


_ Price 9 USD if you don’t use cyclo service

_ Extra fee 2.5 USD for one more spots for sightseeing

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