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Bus from Da NangTo Hue (05-07-2017   14:57:00)

Bus from Da Nang To Hue

There are many transport to choose to depart from Da Nang to Hue but bus from Da Nang to Hue always a good choice. Bus Da Nang to Hue is not only saving but also comfortable. Booking in Hue tourist you will have chance to explore many beautiful destination of World Heritage Road. They are Marble mountain, Hai Van pass, Lang Co beach, and Cau Hai lagoon.

Bus from da nang to hue

Instead of stopping in bustling city with modern building, bus from Da Nang to Hue will stop at a natural destination- the Marble Mountain. The mountain is named after five elements of the ancient oriental philosophy. They are metal, wood, water, fire, earth. So that there are five main mountain in the Marble mountain system. In here, you will be surprised at different color of each mountain. For example,  rock of the mountain named after water  is pink while rock of the mountain named after wood is white. The temperature here is so cool. As a result, you should remember bring a overcoat to warm. Further more, you can explore many wonderful caves and tunnels here. Besides that, green trees and fresh water here will make you relaxing.

Next place that bus  from Da Nang to Hue stops is Hai Van pass. I believe that passing through the Hai Van pass is unforgotten memory by bus Da Nang to Hue. The Mountain is as well known as the highest and longest pass in Vietnam. It has over 21 kms long so, it became the pass many people should pass themselves one time. Addition, you will be excited when pass through many blind corners and sudden curves. The bus from Da Nang to Hue of Hue tourist will stop to visit at the top of Hai Van mountain. With over 500 meters above sea level, it is ideal place to see Da Nang city and blue Lang Co beach. You not only see majestic mountain but also take many wonderful photos with cloud around in the morning. The top of Hai Van pass is the place that most of  students of Hue university and Da Nang university want to conquer.

Leaving the mountain, bus Da Nang to Hue will stop at Lang Co beach. Beautiful white sand and blue sea will attract you. A long white-sand beach with blue seawater of Lang Co may capture your heart at first sight. Visiting Lang Co Bay at the sunset, you may feel nostalgic when seeing a peaceful fishing village with boat sailing in Lap An Lagoon (near Lang Co bay), together with flocks of storks flying back to their nest. In addition, visitors to Lang Co Bay area for its cool climate of around 25 degrees Celsius, especially in summer when heat waves normally hit the central region.

The last place, bus Da Nang to Hue will pass through imperial city- Hue. It will stop at Cau Hai lagoon. Extensive and fresh water in the lagoon will make relaxing feeling. You can see many fishmen working in this lagoon. They are so friendly and optimistic. If you have free time, you should participate in homestay to experience. The trip with mountain, lagoon and beach by bus Da Nang to Hue provided by Hue tourist is interesting tour for you. Let’s book and underwent this tour.

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