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Secure transaction security

As soon as the customer book tours on the website, all information such as email, phone number will be transmitted to the server. The above information is also transmitted to the owner's email so the customer service staff will contact the tour confirmation customer and provide instructions on how to pay. Booking process and payment process is designed in a closed process so customer information will be safe.

When trading successfully, members should exit the login mode to ensure safety. Members should not disclose details of payment to anyone by email or by any other means. Huetouristvietnam.com isn't responsible for the losses, members may incur in the exchange of member information by internet or e – mail.

Huetouristvietnam is responsible for the confidentiality of transaction information and is only provided when required by law.

For transfer information there are a discrepancy, Huetouristvietnam.com recommends that customers contact the bank again to make a complaint or to review their payments.