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Huế’s tile-roofed bridge a big tourist drawcard

The 17m long and 4m wide wooden bridge is a big tourist attraction in the ancient city of  Huế . It is an arch bridge with both sides being protected by railings with balconies. The bridge spans an irrigation canal extending from the entrance of the village to its end.

The bridge is unique because of its tiled roof, thanh toan bridge, hue, huetourist

The bridge is unique because of its tiled roof.


On both sides are benches inviting you to rest. Eighteen wooden pillars and iron work support the bridge. The bridge is unique because of its tiled roof, a rarity that makes it a model among the bridges built at that time in Việt Nam.

Next to it is the village market, which is small but offers everything, especially culinary specialties like hến (mussel) rice, fish pancakes, and a variety of rice noodles.

On the other side of the bridge is a showroom displaying agricultural tools: ploughs, harrows, sickles, scoops, and rice mills. There are also bamboo and rattan souvenirs.