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Hoi An to Hue day trip (03-01-2018   15:59:00)

Hoi An to Hue day trip

In the morning, driver and tour guild pick you up in Hoi An and depart to Hue city. On the way you are visit to Marble mountaint, continue to come to Hue city, you will visit Hai Van pass, this is considered the most beautiful and the most dangerous mountain pass Vietnam on the journey to the South to the North, you will be admired the road is winding, winding along the mountains, winding like silk strip across the clouds, hidden between forest trees, mountain rocks, is indeed the monumental nature of the feat of creativity and hands. Human beings create harmony.

Continue the journey, you will admire the beauty associated with Hai Van Pass that is Lang Co beach, Lang Co beach is one of the thirty most beautiful bays in the world, at this point, no one can resist the beauty and tranquility of Lang Co town. This small and peaceful town offers visitors great time to relax and many beach games. In addition, visitors can enjoy seafood dishes and visit some attractions such as Chan May, Lang Co fishing village near the beach.

Hoi an to Hue day trips

Arriver Hue city, you can enjoy special food in Hue such as Loc cake, Khoi cake,  Beo cake, Hue beef noodle, mussel rice,...

Continue the journey, you will visit to Khai Dinh tomb, this is the resting place of one of the thirteen kings of Nguyen Dynasty, Khai Dinh tomb is an architectural mausoleum with a combination of east and west and has wonderful rhythms decorated by the hands of artisans.

After visiting the tomb of Khai Dinh, you will come to admire a place that is considered the symbol of Hue city that is Thien Mu Pagoda, Thien Mu pagoda is one of the oldest pagoda in Hue, come here you will be able to admire the beauty of the river and explore the legendary birth of this ancient pagoda. 

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