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where to go from Hoi An (07-02-2018   16:01:00)

Hoi An has two beaches, Cua Dai and An Bang. You can not only get into the cool water and fresh air, but also enjoy fresh seafood dishes in Cua Dai beach. An Bang beach that many visitors are enthralled by the clear sea and long sandy beach under the glistening golden sunshine. Come and enjoy the blue jade water on the white sand stretches smooth white.

My Son Sanctuary

My Son is considered one of the main centers of Hindu temples in Southeast Asia and is the only heritage of this genre in Vietnam. This was the place where the sacrifice of the Cham dynasty as well as the tomb of the Cham King or prince, national interestMy Son Holy Land was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000. Although the same time war has turned many towers into ruins, but the artifacts sculpture, architecture left to this day still leave the style period historical art of the Cham people, the masterpiece marked a time of the cultural-cultural Cham-as well as the Southeast Asian, bringing visitors a hands-on experiencing trip.

Order a suit or dress in Hoi An

Apparel is a traditional profession has long been in Hoi An. Long time ago, foreign visitors to Hoi An have had a habit of sewing a set of clothes. Garment services for foreign visitors thrive. Customers are on the other side of the globe, just by looking through the website, sending e-mails to a tailoring shop will get a nice suit.

Take a walk around Hoi An ancient town

A simple experience, you just step outside the street and look at the old house. Not much traffic, no more noisy, you can buy gifts and some local food while strolling. A short walking trip does help you to feel truly refreshed and relaxed

Enjoy the street food

You can enjoy a lot of street food at affordable prices and delicious. However, you will regret it if you do not enjoy the local dishes: Cao Lau (Cao Lầu), white rose dumpling, crispy pancakes (bánh xèo), Quang noodle (Mì Quảng), and so on. Authentic Cao Lau noodles are often dipped into the water gathered from the local ancient wells.