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Top 4 Destinations in The Suburbs of Hue City (29-01-2018   16:36:00)

  1.  Lang Co beach

Lang Co beach is a natural attraction of Thua Thien-Hue province, along with Hai Van-Non Nuoc complex which is included in the list of national tourist sites in Vietnam. Lang Co beach has long been known as a beach with the most beautiful natural conditions and landscapes in Vietnam. Lang Co is the most beautiful in the period from April to July. From August to November often rain, the beach may be opaque, from December to March next year the sea is quite cold.

  •  Foods in Lang Co

-         Be Den Seafood Restaurant: You will enjoy all the seafood dishes of this beautiful sea. Grilled lobster and split shrimp head cooked Central Asian sour soup was delicious. Squid (sim) steamed or boiled ginger, roasted meats are also fresh and very delicious. This restaurant is both delicious and cheap. From here, overlooking Lap An lagoon is quite nice.

-         At the foot of Lang Co, there is also Little Phuong. Thien Ly, Baby Thinh, ... food is generally cheap and fresh.

-         You can also eat in the small shops along the road, especially the area below Lang Co. Should not enter the restaurant, should not go to the restaurant above the three Lang Co slope, the restaurant that serves the long distance, passenger car, noisy toilets. With small shops along National Highway 1A, if you want to eat you should go to the preview before ordering.

·        Buying souvenirs gift : Guests can buy souvenirs at restaurants, souvenir stalls, Lang Co market. Here are the gifts of this land: pearl necklace, dry food such as dried squid, dried shrimp ..

Hue to Hoi An private car visit Cau Hai Lagoon, Elephant Spring surcharge $10.00 USD/car, Lang Co Beach, Hai Van Pass, Cham Museum, Marble Mountains, Stone carving village, My Khe Beach."

2. Bach Ma National Park

60km south of Hue, Bach Ma Mountain or Bach Ma Range is a beautiful mountain range, the natural border between Thua Thien Hue and Danang. This mountain range is located in Bach Ma National Park and at an altitude of 1,450 meters, is a popular resort in Vietnam. At the top of the mountain, there are four green seasons with waterfalls, streams, and temperate climates like Sa Pa, Tam Dao, Da Lat.

Bach Ma Mountain is famous for its streams and many spectacular waterfalls. Do Quyen Waterfall is 400m high, 20m wide, on the summer days, the two sides of the waterfall, flowers blooming Do Quyen as two huge flowers silk flowers. In the center of the resort there is a silver waterfall 100m high, 40m wide as a white curtain dangling swaying in front of the wind. Standing on the peak of Bach Ma Mountain visitors can capture the panoramic panorama of Hai Van pass, mountain Tuy Van, Cau Hai lagoon and shimmering light of Hue city at night.

The best time to visit Bach Ma National Park is summer and early autumn. Then, the weather here is very cool, you will enjoy the weather four seasons in a day.

3. Lap An Lagoon

Lap An lagoon, also known as An Cu lagoon, or An Cu lagoon, is located along the National Highway 1A connecting Da Nang with Hue. Lap An lagoon in Hue stretches wide and immense, located at the foot of Phu Gia pass, starting from the passage of Lang Co town, Phu Loc district, Hue. Surrounding Lapan Lake is 800 ha, one side is the majestic Bach Ma Mountain, the same message, one side is Lang Co Bay, with sand stretching as far as 10 km, water color as pearl green.

4. Hai Van Pass 

Hai Van Pass is a natural border between Thua Thien - Hue and Danang. Standing at Hai Van Quan, 500 m above sea level, visitors can see the entire Danang bending along the coast, can look Cham island, Tien Sa port ...

Hai Van pass is a new choice for visitors when visiting and enjoying the natural scenery of Central Vietnam. Unlike the quiet and tranquil beauty of Hue city, it is not as vibrant as Da Nang, where tourists conquer the natural beauty and freshness. Coming to Hai Van pass, visitors will have the most comfortable moments when they are immersed in the great spectacle that nature offers.