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NATURE ROAD - HOI AN - PRAO VILLAGE - A LUOI - HUE (10-03-2018   09:12:00)

After leaving Hoi An Ancient Town, an unique traditional port city of Southeast Asia in Vietnam. Hoi An has a peaceful and natural beauty with small and traditional handicraft villages, you will come to Dong Giang-a mountainous district of Quang Nam province. It is 145 km northwest of Quang Nam. The central district is located in Prao town in Ho Chi Minh. Dong Giang is rich and diversified resources on minerals, forests, land, precious plants and animals; many beautiful natural sceneries and cool climate. We will stop with a village, tribe with unique native culture - the village of Prao. The place also preserves many cultural features, beliefs and festivals unique.

If you want to explore nature, you cannot miss A Luoi district. A Luoi is a mountainous district adjacent to Laos, the weather here is sunny but not as bad as in the city, and the night is cold. Early in the morning there is mist as if lost in the wonderland. You can rest in a cool, clean community house; learn about the daily life of the Ta Oi people and rent beautiful bicycles here to visit the activities: farming, weaving, brocade,.. You are welcomed by the people here with the traditional dances of their people. Sitting in the Rong house you will taste some of the mountainous and local specialties. Besides, you are also dipped under the stream, may be cold water but the flow of water is so charming that you cannot resist. After two days away from the city to explore the majestic nature, fresh air, perhaps you also remember the bustling city, full of poetic. Car brings you to Hue city, the city variety of natural scenery and rich history and culture. End of exploring the natural way.