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Hue food winter (22-12-2017   17:03:00)

compare to Hue cuisines by tasty, elegant and noble.So now i will introduce to you top food should not miss in the winter in Hue.
Firstly i will tell you about grilled sweet potato and grilled corn. There is no denying the attraction of these 2 street dishes. Especially for every winter, with the cold numbness is also by gathering friends gathered around the kitchen charcoal, sharing the potato, hot corn freshly baked finished. How interesting is that?
Next is Hot snail. This dish is probably the "cabinet" of a lot people? Hot snail, smoked, delicious aroma makes everyone crave. Snails are stew with lemongrass, chili decoration above a little sour, add a spoonful of sweet sour ginger ... This dish if eaten once will cause "addiction" that!
And in ther winter, local peoples ussally eat tofu , this dish is very popular and associated with childhood do not know how many. In Hue weird, with this dish can only go sell weed burden rather sedentary fixed. These optical heavy burden tofu are the aunt, the mother roamed around the "alleys and side streets." A bowl of hot tofu add a little water to cook with ginger brown sugar, delicious, sweet makes you infatuated there!
When the winter coming , the old bike, steaming smoke and fragrant blend of dumplings is extremely image dear to the people of Hue. Especially the hot buns warmed to the "soul food" in the cold winter night. The odd wheel rolling all over the city still carries the burden of living.
The next dish i want introduce to you is 1 kind of noodles soup , we call “ Banh Canh Nam Pho “ the specialties of Hue. “Banh Canh Nam Pho”  is the specialties of Nam Pho village. Not only attracted by the taste, the noodles soup is very attractive with the white color of the noodles mixed with shrimp and meat and greens of green onion. When using, you remember to mix some green chili sauce, some coriander. Taste of shrimp with meat and coriander mixed with fiber bread to create the special characteristics of Hue ancient capital ...